Upcoming Events

※ 1st Master’s Recital, Dec 2 2:00 PM
Houston Hall: 8 Fenway, Boston, MA
Featuring works by Leoš Janáček, Karol Szymanowski, and John Adams

Past Events

Emergence, Oct 25 8:00 PM
132 Ipswich St: Boston, MA
Vertex Ensemble gives its inaugural performance with Emergence, a program designed to showcase 21st century works in light of forward-thinking 20th century repertoire

※ Music by the Barrel, May 21 5:30 PM
Ann Arbor Distilling Company: Ann Arbor, MI
Converge rocks the house with a full-length program written by Nathan Thatcher in 2017

Company of Birds, April 27 8PM
Kerrytown Concert House: Ann Arbor, MI
New-music concert hosted by Matthew Wildman in collaboration with multiple contemporary classical ensembles

※ Saeculum, April 18 8PM
Betty Pease Theatre: Ann Arbor, MI
Premiere of Douglas Hertz’s Saeculum, involving collaboration with Douglas Hertz, the Converge Quartet, the //meridian vocal ensemble, Al Evangelista (choreography), and U-M dancers

Sean Meyers Saxophone Recital, April 6 8:30 PM
Hankinson, Moore Building: Ann Arbor, MI
Andrew Boss’s Concerto for Saxophone and Chamber Orchestra

※ Spencer Stromquist Clarinet Recital, April 14 5:00 PM
Stamps Auditorium: Ann Arbor, MI
Libby Larsen’s Rodeo Queen of Heaven

Women’s Glee Choir, April 2 4:00 PM
Hill Auditorium: Ann Arbor, MI
Chen Yi’s Angel Island Passages

Converge Winter Concert, March 25 8:00 PM
Kevreson Rehearsal Hall, Moore Building: Ann Arbor, MI
Converge Concert: Douglas Hertz’s The Pilgrim for string quartet (2015) & Dayton Hare’s still life: desert rain (2016)