Converge New Music

Converge, formed as a string quartet at the University of Michigan in the fall of 2015, is an ensemble committed to passionately playing new music written by local composers, especially students and alumni of the university. Since the group’s inception, its members have been seriously studying pieces written by their colleagues and performing inspiring new music as frequently as possible.

Converge performances take place in a variety of locations, from recital halls to coffee shops to convents—but the group also hosts concerts which bring together multiple new-music ensembles from the Ann Arbor area. The quartet ultimately aims to develop connections amongst classical musicians, composers, and audience members who might not otherwise engage with classical music—new or otherwise. Having premiered, professionally recorded, and co-written pieces with current composers, they’re always seeking to perform in new places for new audiences.

Bram Margoles & Cassidy Goldblatt, violins
Ryan McDonald, viola
Hanna Rumora, cello
(Kellen Degnan, cello ’15-’16)




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