Room 1078

Version 2

Room 1078
’s mission is to continually support the 21st-century evolution of classical music, using new repertoire to break barriers between musicians and audience members, and all the while inspiring future generations to engage with our art form through the passion, energy, and dedication we bring to performance. Our ensemble seeks to draw listeners in to every piece we share, leaving audiences with a personal connection to the music and a desire to reconnect with the new-music experience again and again.

Founded in 2015 at the University of Michigan as part of Converge, a student-run new-music collective, Room 1078 has worked tirelessly to promote the music of emerging student composers. The string quartet is currently planning a summer-2018 tour to perform and showcase their most recent recording project—an album with music written entirely by Nathan Thatcher. Check out our media and project pages for more info on this and other collaborations!


String Trio No. 1, by Timothy Peterson
Recorded / produced by Sly Pup Productions
Performed by Room 1078

Scored by Douglas Hertz, Saeculum (2017) is a dance cantata written for string quartet, choir, and dance. This work was performed in collaboration with Al Evangelista, //meridian vocal ensemble and Room 1078 (under the umbrella of Converge New Music). Many thanks to Sly Pup Productions for their beautiful capturing of this project!




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