To Bloom

To Bloom was a performance inspired by the desire to combine aural and visual vivacity, playing upon a musical program’s already-colorful nature to create a performance engrossing on multiple levels. It became a collaboration far more elaborate than originally expected, involving a team of artists whose countless hours of thought, preparation, and attention created a truly impactful experience for the audience.

Based on a program which spanned over four centuries, To Bloom not only carried its audience on a journey through time but also illustrated various art forms’ ability to coexist as if they were intended to be presented together. The first half, which included a 17th-century passacaglia situated between two 21st-century pieces, was arranged into a continuous work; the second featured César Franck’s well-loved 19th-century Sonata for Piano and Violin.

The program featured collaborative pianist Brock Tjosvald, violinist Cassidy Chey Goldblatt, and works by two student composers—Levi Fasoldt and Grey Grant. The collaboration involved dance choreographed by Caty Raupp (in collaboration with Sophie Allen and Micky Esteban) and performed by Caty, Sophie, and Micky. Rachel Apsey crafted and directed the lighting design while advising set and programmatic design throughout the production process. Finally, the Duderstadt Center’s Digital Media Commons (DMC) team was absolutely critical in making To Bloom the production that it was, not only providing our team access to a professional video studio but also guiding the planning process, constructing the set, recording both audio and video, and turning a vision into a reality. The project was funded by both UofM’s School of Music, Theatre & Dance—through Dean Aaron Dworkin’s generous assistance—and by Arts@Michigan.



Levi Fasoldt’s Journey Through an American Wilderness (2014)
I. Water
II. Woodlands
III. Heights

HIF Biber’s Passacaglia

Grey Grant’s The Waves the Conch and the Kid (2015)

César Franck’s Sonata in A Major for Piano and Violin
I. Allegretto ben moderato
II. Allegro
III. Recitativo-Fantasia: Ben moderato
IV. Allegretto poco mosso



Cassidy Chey Goldblatt, director, violin, and audio / video editing
Brock Tjosvold, piano
Rachel Apsey, lighting design and production advisement
Caty Raupp, choreography and dance
Sophie Allen & Micky Esteban, dance and collaborative choreography
Levi Fasoldt & Grey Grant, music composition
Ellen Wallace, dance coordinating
Digital Media Commons Team, pre-production advisement / production week setup and teardown / audio and video recording / live audio—with special thanks to Jeffrey Alder, Stephen Eberle, Jameson Eisele, Jacques Mersereau, Robert Newcomb, and the many others who made this possible. 


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